Solicitor says ‘be safe’ to Cambridgeshire cyclists this summer after three were killed in the county in 2015

A call has been put out for cyclists to stay safe as we enter National Road Victim Month.

A call has been put out for cyclists to stay safe as we enter National Road Victim Month. - Credit: Archant

A leading solicitor has urged cyclists to stay safe on Cambridgeshire’s roads as part of National Road Victim Month.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety partnership figures from 2015 have revealed that three cyclists were killed and another 441 were injured – 74 of them seriously – and solicitor Carl Waring has urged cyclists to be vigilant on the county’s roads.

“If you’re out and about on your bike this August – a great way to experience summer in Cambridgeshire and great exercise too – follow the government’s safety advice and come home in one piece,” he said.

“The Transport Department’s THINK! Road-safety campaign advises cyclists to always signal what you’re about to do, so vehicle drivers aren’t caught unaware, and to try to make eye contact with oncoming drivers so you’re clear they’ve seen you.”

Mr Waring has also shared tips to cyclists who may wish to enjoy a bike ride during the summer months.

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He said: “Some of the advice may seem so obvious, but often it’s forgotten when you’re out cycling. Simple things like keeping well clear of the kerb and allowing plenty of space between you and parked vehicles.

“Equally, lights on bikes are not just for dark, but dusk too. Even during daylight hours it can turn dim in our country, so if it clouds over, turn on your lights to make sure your presence is visible.

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Other basic but highly effective measures to staying safe while biking include investing in reflective clothing such as jackets or strips and wearing a helmet that actually fits your head, instead of wobbling about if it’s too big. And remember, you’re on the road, so obey the Highway Code and all the stop and other traffic signs.”

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