Some days you simply couldn’t make it up what cyclists get up to- are these off their trolley?

INTREPID cyclist or foolhardy show-off? Not really a difficult choice as photographer Brian Purdy found as he followed the journey this cyclist took around one of Fenland’s busiest roundabouts.

Brian was ‘on duty’ outside Fenland magistrates court in Wisbech.

It was then he he spotted the cyclist, with a ‘passenger’ sitting astride the handlebars.

He watched as they came out of North End and did a near full circumference of the Freedom Bridge roundabout.

Only then did they head off into the Horsefair.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening,” said Brian.

“Of the all the roads and of all the places to be pulling a stunt like this you couldn’t find a more dangerous stretch of road.”

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The giggling duo, however, remained oblivious to the danger they posed.

Not only a danger to themselves, of course, but to other motorists.

“Had they brushed aside a lorry or bumped into a car there could easily have been a harrowing accident,” said Brian.

“Some days seeing is believing.”

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