Some of Fenland’s back office staff are unsung heroes

I NOTICE in a letter from the leader of the Fenland Conservative Group (that’s what he claims his position is) published in your April 15 edition that the quotes “back office” and “frontline” keep appearing.

I believe it is very misquoted because some of the back office workers are unsung heroes.

Frontline simply means the most active exposed position or role in any activity and this could relate to the so-called back office.

What I really want to do is condemn the attack on Martin Field (a March East candidate in the Fenland District Council elections) by Cllr Melton (a candidate in Birch Ward). Typical Tory – if you don’t agree with them they will try and belittle you.

Even the most ardent Labour supporter will argue that there is a deficit but just because we know the deficit was mainly caused by the casino bankers and City boys doesn’t make us ‘deficit deniers’.

The Tory-run government is cutting too fast and too hard, driven by ideology. There is no need to privatise everything, certainly not the NHS or Blood Transfusion Service.

I would suggest that Cllr Melton stops treating those who have opinions as pariahs, we are not all ‘yes men’.

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I know who I would take notice of between Martin Field and Alan Melton and who I would trust more.


Nene Parade


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