Somewhat of an own goal, Alan – you’re a member of the council that changed traffic flow of Wisbech market place

I was surprised to see Councillor Alan Lay’s rather mixed-up letter (April 3), though pleased as ever to see he keeps up with my blog.

Amongst the various things he seemed to get wrong, I was particularly struck by his reference to Wisbech market square and the fact that it has had its one-way direction reversed.

He referred to this as “indecisive.” Perhaps he thinks that this road is controlled by Wisbech Town Council and that is why he chose to take a potshot at it?

He is incorrect. The road on which the aforementioned one-way system runs, around the market place, is controlled by Cambridgeshire County Council and so he is criticising the council he is a part of for being “indecisive.” Something of an own goal.

In fact, had he taken the time look into the issue he would have seen that the county council had good reasons to make the change, though it certainly could have been done it in a way that created less confusion and upset.

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I wonder how many more years he will need to be a county councillor before he realises that highways is a function of the county council and therefore is in his remit?

It concerns me that he still doesn’t actually seem to know what his own area of responsibilities are.

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