Souls at War

Souls at War By Rosanna Mitchell

Souls at War

By Rosanna Mitchell

They marched through the mud from dusk till dawn

With souls that were weary, shattered and torn.

Yet each knew his place though, pitiful his face,

Silently longing for family and home.

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There was no welcome light as they pushed through the night

Chilled to the bone, with no end in sight.

Wet and dreary, it was hard to be cheery,

But our boys carried on.

After many had fallen; some injured and maimed

They listened head bowed as the dead were proclaimed

Comrades and friends, and one lost a brother.

And heart heavy laden he thought of their mother.

Receiving the telegram, with dreaded news grim

‘Killed in Action...I’m afraid, your son Jim.

Her heart will be broken...she will never recover.

Yet when she stops wailing she will think of the other.

Jim wasn’t the first...and still sadly, not the last.

Many are slaughtered in wars: present and past.

Young lives so wasted. Futures changed and blighted.

Yet our forces stay strong, bold and united.

We remember young Jim and many others the same.

Soldiers, that were known and some without name.

Valiant young men and women often scared, yet, still brave

For all our tomorrows’ their futures they gave.

We must never forget all those that have died...

Our precious armed forces! The troops on our side!

It’s just a small poppy for Remembrance Day,

Yet, please wear it proudly! What a small price to pay,

for Freedom.

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