SPECIAL REPORT: Curious case of the shopkeeper, the rugby club chairman, a Fenland festival, and The March (or Wisbech) Post

SHOPKEEPER and March Bears Rugby Club player Matthew Broadfield- on tenterhooks over whether his Fenland Festival gets the go ahead- is planning to launch his own newspaper.

Mr Broadfield says he will call it The March Post and promises content will be “the boldest, brightest and best”.

The March businessman now runs an internet caf� in Broad Street but formerly ran Fone Zone in Station Road under the name Matthew Ward. (He explained Ward was his mother’s maiden name but Broadfield is on his birth certificate).

However if he launches The March Post he will be without the man he hoped would help him edit the paper- journalist Steve Armourae says he is now involved in launching The Wisbech Post.

“Mat’s a Walter Mitty sort of character and I’m not involved any longer in his project,” said Mr Armourae.

“We wish to make it very clear that the Wisbech Post has no connection whatsoever with the March Post.”

Mr Armoure says his Wisbech paper will launch on September 2 and is chaired “by a member of the Sinclair family of Scotland who own large sections of Western Scotland. Hereditary peer Lord Rothsey is a Member of the House of Lords and their properties are featured in the Da Vinci Code book and film”

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He said that “among the recurring themes of the Wisbech paper will be civil and human rights inclusive of CPS protocols.”

Mr Armourae says he met Mr Broadfield through the Fenland Festival and had planned to bring a film crew and support acts from London to support the festival.

But he said he had found Mr Broadfield “impossible to work with” and decided to go it alone with his Wisbech paper.

Last week his licence application for the festival – on August 27- was postponed for a fortnight.

He said if his fails to get consent and the festival is cancelled “everyone will get a full refund on their tickets. I have got a shop in the town and I’m not going to mess about. I am not in the business of ripping people off.”

Mr Broadfield said his dealings with Mr Armourae “are confidential and its not up to me to make assumptions.”

In 2008 Matthew Ward was one of those involved in the launch of The Q Club at March Snooker Club.

Earlier this year Matthew Broadfield became chairman of March Bears RUFC.

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