Speed limit could be reduced on a road leading to the March bypass ready for traffic signals at an accident blackspot junction

Gaul Road - showing the new development in 2016

Gaul Road - showing the new development in 2016 - Credit: Archant

A road leading to the March bypass could have its speed limit reduced from 60mph to 40mph in the run up to preparing to install traffic signals at a renowned accident blackspot.

Gaul Road and A141 junction March.

Gaul Road and A141 junction March. - Credit: Archant

The plan is to slow cars down on Gaul Road from 60mph to 40mph - but one town councillor says that is happening already due to the shocking state of the surface since developers moved in to build a new housing estate there.

Councillor Jan French said: “As ward councillor for this area I welcome this proposal but my primary concern right now is whether Sanctuary or the county council are going to resurface that road and when.

“It’s an absolute nightmare down there. You couldn’t go 60mph even if you wanted to as it is so rough and uneven.

“I have been pushing for some time for the road to be sorted out but we are told it will get done once they have finished the whole site.”

The county council wants to impose the 40mph speed restriction from the junction with the A141 Isle of Ely Way bypass towards town for a distance of 440 metres - about 0.2 mile.

They say the reason is: “To accommodate the introduction of traffic signals at the Gaul road intersection with the A141 and the speed reduction is for: “Avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising,” according to a report to be discussed by March Town councillors on Monday 6.

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It is also: “For preventing damage to the road or to any building near the road and for facilitating the passage on the road or other road for any class of traffic including pedestrians.”

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