Speedway match at West Row abandoned after parademic hit in the eye

Kevin Jolly, Mildenhall joint promoter and chairman

Kevin Jolly, Mildenhall joint promoter and chairman - Credit: Archant

Speedway was abandoned at Mildenhall last night before the end after a paramedic was hit in the eye by flying shale and the match ended prematurely because of lack of medical cover.

A club spokesman said: “The meeting was abandoned before the start of heat fourteen.

“A senior paramedic required extended treatment from her colleagues after being hit in the eye and as the clock ticked forward the meeting was abandoned due to lack of medical cover.”

While most spectators agreed with the decision (it didn’t affect the result, Mildenhall won) fans took to social media to express their view

“I hope the paramedic is ok, and yes they do a magnificent job, but to hear over the P.A. “what are the chances of that happening” at a speedway meeting was laughable,” wrote one fan on Facebook.

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“Everybody at a speedway meeting has probably had shale hit them. I hope the management from now on provides safety goggles to all essential staff as cancelling a meeting because of that is unacceptable.

“The chap next to me had come all the way from Brighton just to see some speedway! “I wonder what would have happened if that was heat six; not a good day for speedway, again.”

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But his opinion was in the minority as another fan wrote: “The problem is that the paramedic was hit square in the eye which is like you have said happens to all of us at some stage.

“But I imagine you would not like to see the riders ride without the correct medical cover .hence the reason for the early finish .sorry to anyone who felt that they missed out”

Another said: “I never get why some people are so negative. You cannot run a meeting without the correct medical cover.

“It could be any sport that could have a similar freak accident which it was.”

“Just be thankful that the lady paramedic didn’t lose an eye which would have been a lot more of a problem than missing a couple of heats.

“Be positive people and be thankful that you have such a talented young team to enjoy.”

One other wrote: “Eight years ago the club folded mid-season - that should put into context missing out on two heats for a valid reason.”

Chairman Kevin Jolly said: “It was unfortunate that the meeting couldn’t reach its natural conclusion.

“But following the injury to one of the paramedics she required extended treatment from her colleagues and of course her welfare was paramount.

“Everyone at the club sends our best wishes and hopefully everyone understands the situation we were in.”

He added: “The lads were flying tonight and I thought it was another fine Saturday evening in front of another good crowd. It is hard to single out riders after a performance as convincing as this but young Sam (Bebee) was superb tonight.”

RESULT: The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ machine moved up a gear to defeat the second placed Belle Vue Colts 50-28 in THE truncated meeting at West Row

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