Spring into Summer: Our readers tell us why they deserve a place at Tim Megginson’s ‘boot camps’

 Body Shape Fitness Camp. Picture: Steve Williams.

Body Shape Fitness Camp. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Spring into Summer may have finished for me but it’s about to begin for some of our lucky readers.

Tim Megginson, Body Shape Fitness Camp.

Tim Megginson, Body Shape Fitness Camp. - Credit: Archant

We’ve been ploughing through the entries you sent in explaining your reasons for wanting to join fitness guru Tim Megginson at one of his ‘boot camps’, or to be precise body shape fitness programme.

Tim Megginson Creator of Body Shape Fitness Camp.

Tim Megginson Creator of Body Shape Fitness Camp. - Credit: Archant

The sessions are intense but lively, fun and best of all come with guarantees – such as losing a clothes size in one month or your money back.

Of course for our readers this is a complimentary moment in their lives and a mix of week long taster sessions are for some and a full four weeks for others.

Who wins what is now being decided and we’ll have the winners shortly ready to begin one of Tim’s classes either in Ely or Chatteris.

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But we thought we’d share with you some of the reasons readers gave us for wanting to participate.

I’ve always enjoyed being active, but since leaving university in the summer I’ve found it hard to keep up to even half of what I was doing before. I still run quite a lot, but have a problem with trying to vary my exercise and have therefore lost a lot of core and arm strength (as well as putting on the weight again!).

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I enjoy running and am aiming to run a half marathon soon, but as running is the only form of exercise I now do, I find my motivation is severely lacking and I’m starting to hate going out for a run.

I want to enjoy doing exercise and the fresh air again! I’m also getting quite down-heartened every time I look at the scales and the weight is slowly creeping up - and I’m not sure the best way to turn this around!

I used to be very fit in my younger days, but after a slipped disc and turning forty I am turning into a fat middle aged lady and my clothes don’t fit me any more - please help me!!!

I think I deserve a month’s pass at boot camp because I am going to be 50 this year and I want to be fabulous and fifty

I always used to be active and love doing lots of different activities. But it’s never worked as much as would like to in prospect of having ideal body shape. And after a two year break I have started some jogging again.

Had a baby and had no time to do any of it till now.

After turning 40 last year and being obese since I was 16 and seeing my mother-in-law suffer from a stroke and my father diagnosed with diabetes I was constantly being told to lose weight by my family.

I have just turned 50 yrs old and work two jobs, averaging 50 hours per week. I have been a heavy smoker for many years and on 23rd December 2013 I smoked my last cigarette.

I understand it takes two weeks to get out of a habit and the same two weeks to get into a habit and I need to get into a healthy habit. I have gained weight even though I have watched my eating and it is really getting me down.

I can’t understand how the weight gain is affecting me, not just visually, but mentally. I am having irrational thoughts about starting to smoke again (secretly I might add).

I would like to win a pass to a Body Shape Fitness Camp as I will be turning 50 in six months and would like to enter it looking and feeling great, rather than a bit porky and bloated!

The reason I think I should be considered is that in November of last year I had a major operation which I thought might mean inevitable weight gain. I have been surprised at how I have recovered, but my body needs toning

I want to be in better shape for our holiday in June and then maybe adding to our family later in the year. It would mean more than you ever know.

I’ve seen the competition in the Ely Standard. I would love to win a month’s pass as I’m hoping to walk the Everest Base camp trek next year and need to kick start my training.

Having spent the last eight years on various diets and exercise plans without success I have vowed 2014 will be my year. I’ve signed up for race for life in memory of my dad and now just need a push to be able to succeed. These passes could be that push!

I’ve done with my bit of over populating society and in fear of turning into a frumpy flabby mummy!

My son thinks my flabby bits are funny and my husband thinks they are cute! But I hate them!

Would love to get trim and shape up how I used to be pre children!

But I need to do something with my health and fitness because it’s been on the slide since having my children. I increasingly feel I need someone like Tim to motivate me and kick me into shape!

I think I deserve a free place in the fitness camp because I am 53 with a young family, and I want to get back in shape to be around for them as long as possible.

Good luck to you and all the others – the count down has begun.

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