Squatters given marching orders moments before Wisbech bungalow they had called home was demolished

SQUATTERS got an unwelcome wake-up call as they were ordered out of a bungalow ... minutes before a demolition gang swung into action.

The five squatters, all believed to be from Eastern Europe, were forced to head off into the snow with their belongings in bags and suitcases.

They stopped just yards away from the bungalow in Cromwell Road, Wisbech, before police asked them to move on.

Various squatters have occupied the bungalow in recent years but �Monday’s eviction put an end to future occupation.

The bungalow was demolished as part of a redevelopment scheme involving a hotel off the A47.

D Humphrey & Sons, based in �Gorefield, were brought in to �bulldoze the bungalow – next to Smith’s Farm Shop – at about 9am after receiving instructions from the London-based development firm which owned it.

One of the demolition team said: “The men weren’t particularly keen to get out of the bungalow when we first turned up.

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“I think they may have put up more of a fight had police not been involved but, to be fair, they were really left with no choice and left without too much trouble.

“They picked up their stuff and headed off into town although I’m not sure where they were going.”

Fenland District Council was made aware of the demolition proposals and raised no objections.

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