St George’s Fayre is NOT an event dominated by councillors

INSULTED army veteran he may be, but Robert Harvey’s letter (June 28) irritated me so much that I feel I must respond.

Why does he claim that St George’s Fayre is a prime example of events for residents being dominated by councillors?

I volunteered to join the St George’s Fayre committee. I am not the only resident volunteer either – not by a long way.

In fact, in preparation for this year’s very successful event, the only councillor who attended regularly was Councillor Jan French in her capacity as mayor – and very right, proper and useful that she was there.

I for one am fed up with Mr Harvey’s regular nonsense in the press.

If he abandoned his personal agenda of complaint and criticism and quietly got on with something for the benefit of the local community, so much the better for him and for the rest of us.


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