Work related incidents at Fenland Council ‘remains low’ says new report which draws comparison with Cambridge and Huntingdonshire

Health and Safety Executive who were only involved in one incident last year involving staff employe

Health and Safety Executive who were only involved in one incident last year involving staff employed by Fenland Council. The local authority has an impressive safety record according to a new report. Picture; ARCHIVE - Credit: Archant

Staff employed by Fenland District Council enjoyed a better safety record than their counterparts in Huntingdonshire and Cambridge.

New figures released by Fenland Council show that the total number of accidents for 2018/19 reported by their employees was 19 compared to 24 for Cambridge.

The comparison provided by Fenland Council show that in 2017/18 (the latest figures available) Huntingdonshire District Council reported 57 incidents.

Both Huntingdonshire and Cambridge are used by Fenland Council to benchmark their own performance.

"Through proactive and robust health and safety codes of practice and procedures, the council has seen continued performance in health and safety," says a report to the Fenland Council staff committee.

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The report says that the total number of work-related injuries remains low with 19 recorded during the year.

There was one 'reportable accident' which required notifying to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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The total number of lost days through work-related injuries was 26 days. The report notes there are 350 employees (full time, part time and casual) employed by the council which equates to 272 full time equivalent workers.

Of the 19 reportable incidents last year, two involved being struck by a moving object, one struck by a moving vehicle and three that are described as being struck "against fixed object".

There were six slips/falls, four incidents involving lifting and handling inquiries and three other non specified accidents.

"The total number of accidents has remained low over the past year," says the report.

"The largest cause of accidents were 'slips/trips'."

Of the 19 incidents, 17 were in the communities, environment, leisure and planning departments.

The one incident that required reporting to the HSE involved a member of staff who tripped/slipped. The report says that as a consequence an internal investigation was held - as is required by law - to identify the causes and make recommendations where appropriate.

However the report also notes that the number of days absent from work as a result of an accident whilst at work has shown a slight increase over the past year to 28, although this is considered low.

"This was for one member of staff as a result of a slip/fall/trip," notes the report.

Injuries involving members of the public have remained low in recent years with three recorded during the last year, two of which were reported to the HSE.

The council says it will address training and other interventions to address the areas of highest injury.

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