State of pavements in Wisbech is better thing to moan about than translation services

I find it difficult to understand why people accept that when the elderly are ill treated in hospital it’s OK, but rant about prisoners not having comfy cells.

It’s the same with Dean Reeves’ comments (September 12).

Cambridgeshire County Council is cutting costs in a number of areas and it appears that UKIP has suggested that translation services are cut and straight away it’s a heinous crime.

I’m not sure if Mr Reeves has ever been to Spain? If he had, and visited the doctor, police station or any other public building, he would see notices saying in various languages that if you cannot speak Spanish you would have to get an interpreter at your own cost.

Perhaps a better thing to moan about is the appalling state of the pavements in Wisbech and that would be beneficial to all residents, whether they speak English or not.


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