Tory minister Steve Barclay not quite on same page as organising secretary

MP Steve Barclay tweeted this photo of himself arriving at the Conservative Party conference

MP Steve Barclay tweeted this photo of himself arriving at the Conservative Party conference - Credit: Steve Barclay

One of those not present at Tory minister Steve Barclay’s conference address today was his constituency organising secretary. 

Despite having a neighbouring office to Mr Barclay in his NE Cambs constituency, Cllr Samantha Hoy has shared her feelings about the party’s current direction on social media.  

Two days ago, for instance, she retweeted prominent Tory supporter Bella Wallersteiner who posted that she would only return to conference “when the party returns to core principles”. 

And she listed these as ‘freedom of the individual and choice”. 

Cabinet Office minister Mr Barclay meanwhile tweeted a photo of himself arriving at the party conference in Manchester to take part in a question-and-answer session. 

Twitter with Cllr Hoy 

Twitter with Cllr Hoy - Credit: Archant

"I’ll be discussing how the Government is delivering on its manifesto commitments and getting on with the job,” he tweeted. 

Cllr Hoy, organising secretary of the north East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association for the past 18 months, remains unconvinced by some of what prime minister Boris Johnson has been saying.  

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In a BBC interview three days ago, Mr Johnson was challenged about whether Britain really was levelling up and whether the less well-off were benefiting from his policies. 

The prime minister replied: “I’ve given you the most important metric – never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes – look at wage growth. 

“Wage growth is now being experienced faster by those on lower incomes. It hasn’t happened for 10 years or more. That is what I mean by levelling up.” 

Cllr Hoy had her own thoughts on those remarked.  

“What an insensitive twonk,” she tweeted.  

“And also, what a stupid thing for him to have said. Tell that to the families who have lost love ones.” 

In her role as organising secretary, she co-ordinates local elections, is agent for candidates and run the constituency office.