General Election 2019: Steve Barclay’s aims to improve local transport links, invest in local health services and increase funding for schools and local sports

Steve Barclay (Conservatives) is standing for North East Cambridgeshire in the 2019 General Election

Steve Barclay (Conservatives) is standing for North East Cambridgeshire in the 2019 General Election. Picture: Archant/File - Credit: Archant/File

Improving transport links, investing in local health services and increasing funding for schools and local sports groups are Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay’s main aims ahead of the general election.

We joined Mr Barclay whilst he was out and about on the campaign trail in Whittlesey - having already canvassed in Mepal, Littleport, Little Downham, Murrow and Sutton earlier in the week.

Explaining why people should get involved with the upcoming election and vote for him on December 12, he said: "I live locally and am always out and about in the community.

"I try to help with things that matter to local people and like to think that my constituents feel as though they can bring their issues to me and know that things will get done.

"For me, it's not just about going to political functions or formal events. It's about representing local people."

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He says his biggest successes of 2019 have been securing funding for North Cambs Hospital, making Fenland one of 12 countrywide opportunity areas for education and getting people involved in sport locally thanks to a £250,000 funding boost for Active Fenland; 11,000 people have already taken part in the sports sessions.

Locally, Mr Barclay is pushing to improve transport links and get more funding for the health service (including Doddington and Ely hospitals) and schools across Cambridgeshire and Fenland.

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"I want more frequent trains in the area and I'm pushing for the dualling of the A47 and the re-opening of Wisbech rail station - because it will help with jobs and improve things for local families.

Positive campaigning like this is something that Mr Barclay prides himself on: "If you look at my Twitter I'm not on there discrediting people from other parties. It shouldn't be about that; I focus on what I am doing for my constituents."

Though at previous elections he's won the North East Cambs seat by a clear majority, he says "my team and I never take anything for granted. I strongly believe that you have to earn the right to be a winner."

Having been out and about in Fenland, what he's mostly found is that people want Brexit over and done with - whatever the outcome.

"People want to see their vote respected and acted on - it's important for them that democracy is respected. We didn't want the election but we need to move the country forward."

He says that voting for the Conservatives will lead to a "strong economy" that is "good for jobs" and increase investment in the NHS and public services.

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