Still unanswered questions about Fenland Council/Roddons housing transfer

REGARDING this week’s web poll. There are a few questions that need answering whilst there are still people at Fenland District Council with all the facts.

1. Why were they sold at such a low price, c�4500 each?

2. Is the �19m held in a separate account or in a general account to be frittered away?

3. Why weren’t all Fenland taxpayers consulted since they had paid for the building & maintenance of the estate?

4. Does the council or any of its employees or councillors have a financial interest in Roddons?

5. Was it considered appropriate to offer new kitchens, bathrooms, garden makeovers to council tenants before they had voted?

6. As the Housing Dept staff were mostly transferred to Roddons at considerable cost saving to FDC why didn’t council tax decrease?

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I’m sure the list of questions could be longer but some answers would be interesting. Perhaps I should ask the council under the Freedom of Information act!


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