Couple’s 200 mile journey reunites them with their beloved cocker spaniel stolen six years ago

A couple travelled 200 miles to the Fens today to be re-united with their stolen cocker spaniel that was stolen six years ago.

Simon and Caroline Hall had nearly given up hope of ever finding their beloved family pet but a chance discovery of her led to today’s reunion.

Bonnie was handed in this week to Ravenswood pet rescue centre at Wisbech on Thursday after having a few days of vet care and love at Terrington Veterinary Centre.

When staff checked they found a microchip that enabled them to track down the owner.

Simon said today: “We got the phone call on Thursday afternoon and amazed she had been found, we still can’t come to terms with it.

“God knows what she has been through these past few years and give her a couple more years and a loving family home.”

He said they had two other cocker spaniels but were in “total shock” to have Bonnie back with them.

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“It’s been a rollercoaster few days,” he added. They were keen to give Bonnie a welcome back 10th birthday party when they return to Durham.

They collected Bonnie from the veterinary centre in Terrington St Clement near Kings Lynn.

Caroline Trigg and Shelley Munns, who work at Ravenswood, said when they called Simon with the news “he couldn’t quite believe it. He never thought he’d see her again.”

They added that, despite having “a hard few years for sure, she’s a happy loving girl”.

Simon said they would be giving Bonnie a massive party when they get home to celebrate her 10th birthday on Sunday.

Their other two cocker spaniels will get to know Bonnie once they get home – one of their cocker spaniels was a baby when Bonnie was stolen and later bought a second.

He said it would be sometime before his family got over the shock of being re-united with Bonnie. At the time she disappeared they mounted a huge publicity campaign including posters and social media appeals.

“Today is quite simply joyous, fabulous, really great news,” he added

“Bonnie will be getting lots of cuddles and care for her birthday.”

Caroline Trigg added: “Here at Ravenswood we’ve had a horrible few weeks and months, but on Thursday we had a little miracle!”

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