Stop the presses - Gorefield Primary School launch their own school newspaper

Hopeful hacks from Gorefield Primary School enter the world of journalism and launched their own newspaper: “The Fishy News”.

The paper was officially opened and named at a ceremony at the school on Monday attended by Wisbech Town Mayor Councillor Mrs Viv MacRae, Councillor Jonathan Farmer and special surprise guest Maaiysa Valli from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Organiser Annie Appleby said: “Their first story will be the launch of the newspaper and an exclusive interview with the mayor, Viv MacRae.

“They’ve been practising really hard. They all have their own business cards, a guide to good journalism and they’ve all learned how to meet and greet people properly.

“It’s very important because it’s something different to do other than play computer games and watch TV. It gives them a chance to put into practice their literary skills.”

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When asked how many pages the first edition might stretch to, Annie said: “Honestly, it could run to 6,000 pages, everyone’s so excited!”

But making headlines that day for the kids was the arrival of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire reporter Maaiysa Valli.

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Annie says that when the children saw Maaiysa one of the reporters said to her: “I’m so happy I nearly cried!”

Mother Sandra Goy whose daughter is one of the reporters on the paper said: “It’s incredibly important to her because her ambition in life is to be an author.

“She’s getting a real buzz from it and learning a lot. She’s always had confidence but it’s concentrated and focussed her more.”

The news team on Fishy News consists of: editor, Bethany; photographer, Holly; puzzle master, Eva; reporters, Delia, Paris, Kate, Hannah; Web Design, Daniel, Nicole.

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