Story on your website about March Boxing Club founders brings back great memories

WHILST on the internet I was browsing through your website when I came across the story about the founders of the boxing club, Mary and Ted Edgar, which was of great interest to me.

I was born in March in 1942 at the Royal Exchange pub (now The Square) which my family managed.

In the late 40s my parents moved to Newlands Avenue, into a rented house owned by Ted and Mary. They lived in that house until the early 90s. The Edgars lived opposite so I knew the family very well.

I remember Ted putting on boxing tournaments on Saturday nights in a hall opposite the old Regent cinema (I think it was The Palace). I very rarely missed those nights, they were a local drawcard in those days.

I also attended some boxing lessons at the training spot which was at the rear of Harvey’s fish shop.

I even remember the names of the regular boxers: Gordon Lancaster, Malcolm Fisher, Peter Amps, Tony Roweth, Barry Howlett and Tony Edwards (Tony was a good friend of mine, we went through grammar school together and he was best man at my wedding).

I Joined the RAF in 1959 for seven years, then my wife and I and two children moved to Australia.

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It’s Incredible to know Mary and Ted gave their time to start a boxing club for the young guys of March and it lives on all these years later. This must give the family great satisfaction.


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