Street Pride litter pick highlights extent of problem in Wisbech

Volunteers filled 16 litter bags. Picture: ROGER RAWSON.

Volunteers filled 16 litter bags. Picture: ROGER RAWSON. - Credit: Archant

A group of dedicated volunteers went litter picking outside a supermarket and managed to fill 16 bin bags.

Litter outside Tesco. Picture: ROGER RAWSON.

Litter outside Tesco. Picture: ROGER RAWSON. - Credit: Archant

Wisbech Street Pride were out in force at the Tesco at Cromwell Road, where they encountered all sorts of rubbish including discarded nappies.

A further six bin bags were filled litter picking along Cromwell Road.

Since the volunteers good deeds, Tesco have put 10 litter bins on site.

Roger Rawson, of Wisbech Street Pride, said: “Just got back from our litter pick and can’t believe how people treat the new shopping area.

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“I was disgusted at the mother and child parking spaces - picked up four disposable nappies.

“How the hell can people do that? Change the child and put it under the car and drive away. No respect at all .

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“The site has put 10 litter bins out. Hope they get used.

As it is private land owned by Tesco I don’t think we (street pride) will be back, but we might be.

“Sixteen bags today and another six along Cromwell Road. Disgusting disrespect of our town.”

The volunteers’ efforts were praised on the Wisbech Discussion Forum Facebook page.

Ken Gibbie said: “Well done but nappies are dumped everywhere Asda car park is terrible and we have to clean it up even though there is plenty of bins around

Councillor Steve Tierney said: “Well done Wisbech Street Pride - a group of fantastic folks.”

Other areas blighted by litter were highlighted by fellow posters.

Paul Clark said: £I have exactly the same outside my shop on Cromwell Road from people, not just boy racers, who eat at KFC and just throw stuff out the window, despite there being several bins.

“Such a lazy mentality in this country - don’t worry, someone else will pick it up so it’s ok. Disgusting.”

Sarah Bligh added: “I’ve been parked in McDonald’s before and watched a load of lads throw all their bags of food rubbish from out their car window before driving off, and they had parked next to a bin.

“I got out picked it up and put it in the bin before it blew everywhere. It disgusts me, this just chuck it on the ground mentality.”

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