Student, 17, escapes serious injury after car comes off the road and lands in ditch after swerving to avoid animal

A FATHER has thanked motorists who stopped to help his 17 year-old son who narrowly escaped serious injury when his car when off the road between Manea and Chatteris.

Paul Coady of Chatteris said the accident happened on Saturday evening as his student son Harry was driving home.

“A deer or maybe even a dog jumped in front of the car,” said Mr Coady. “It was about 7.30pm and he was coming round a bend on one of those dark, unlit Fenland roads. Something ran out in front of him and he swerved to avoid it.

Mr Coady said the car end up rolling into a ditch, although luckily there was only about a foot of water in it.

“Harry was extremely lucky, “he said. “He couldn’t get out of the vehicle and a young man stopped and helped him out through a broken window.

“Almost at the same time a van driver stopped, took him inside to keep him warm and used Harry’s phone to call us.”

Mr Coady said he would like to say thanks to both the young motorist and van driver “and countless others who offered their help”.

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After a groggy night Harry was taken to Hinchingbroke Hospital on Sunday morning for treatment for shock and whiplash injuries before returning home.

“The car he was driving – a Fiat Punto- is mine and was written off,” said Mr Coady. “We’re just delighted though he’s ok.”