Student not happy that police to take no action against driver who knocked him off his bicycle despite collision being filmed on dashboard camera

Callum Chappell. Picture: Steve Williams.

Callum Chappell. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A student cyclist on his paper round who was ‘sent flying’ when a woman driver inexplicably drove into him, says he’s angry that police left her off with a caution.

The moment that Callum Chappell was knocked off of his bike on New Road, Chatteris

The moment that Callum Chappell was knocked off of his bike on New Road, Chatteris - Credit: Archant

“No, I am not happy with it and I will probably complain as it is a stupid decision,” said 17-year-old Callum Chappell.

He said he rang police after the accident “and they said there will not be any charges pressed on the driver as it was a lapse of concentration”.

Callum, of Cricketers Way, Chatteris, sustained “a few scratches” after the car ran into him on Monday morning at the New Road junction with High Street, Chatteris.

The incident was caught on a passer-by’s dash camera yards from the junction.

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“I had just finished my paper round and was on my way home when it happened,” said Callum.

“I saw the car at the junction but the driver wasn’t stopping. She kept going forward.

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“I thought the car was going to stop because it was my right of way,” said the College of West Anglia engineering student.

“The driver said she didn’t see me and that I came out of nowhere. But three or four witnesses said she would’ve been able to see me clearly in the road.

“I told my mum and dad what happened and they were worried but really just wanted to make sure that I was alright.”

At the time of the incident a policeman was down the road and a pedestrian made them aware that Callum had been knocked off.

As well as the police officer, a member of staff at Boswell & Son Bakery, two other drivers and one pedestrian helped Callum in checking that he wasn’t seriously injured.

“I’m still doing my paper round,” Callum said.

“After three-and-a-half-years of doing it, this hasn’t put me off.”

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