Students celebrate GCSE achievements at March college

STUDENTS, staff and governors are again celebrating further improvements in GCSE results at March’s Neale-Wade Community College.

A total of 75 per cent of Year 11 students who studied courses at the college gained at least five A* - C passes – an increase of five per cent on last year.

There was also a four per cent increase from 46 to 50 per cent in the number of students gaining five A* - C passes which include maths and English.

Outstanding results were achieved by:

Rosanna Day (2A* 7A),

James Campbell (1A* 7A 2B),

Jonathan Sandman (1A* 7A 2B),

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Phoebe Nickalls (4A* 4A 1B),

Laura Bayne (2A* 6A 1B),

Rachel Ashby (7A 2B),

Danielle Calvert (3A* 4A 1C),

Tom Dove (3A* 1A 5B),

Suzannah Lynne (2A* 5A 2B),

Alison Neugebauer (2A* 4A 2B),

Thomas Field (2A* 4A 2B),

Rebecca Proctor (2A* 4A 2B),

Carys Robertson (2A* 3A 2B 2C),

James Henderson (1A* 6A 1B),

Laura Smith (1A* 6A 2B),

Annabel Barritt (1A* 5A 2B),

Luke Brown (1A* 5A 3B),

Lauren Buckenham (1A* 5A 3B),

Danielle Richardson (1A* 4A 3B)

Molly Vandervall (7A 1B).

College Principal Tim Hitch said: “I am delighted that the students’ ability, enthusiasm, commitment and hard work have been rewarded by these results. I would like to congratulate students on their success and join them in recognising the support, encouragement and high quality teaching they have received at Neale-Wade.

“It was also very encouraging to see students achieve high grades both in traditional academic subjects and in vocational subjects.”

His thoughts were echoed by chairman of the governors Jenny Nickalls. She said: “We are extremely fortunate in having so many excellent teachers at the college who dedicate so much of their time helping students to achieve their potential, and also parents who are willing to support the College.

“I am delighted by the continued success at the college and I congratulate students and staff.”

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