Summit planned to coordinate Wisbech’s hundreds of societies

AS FAR as summits go, it’s up there with the G20 - though it will probably be a lot more productive.

Wisbech Town Team is planning to host such a summit to bring together the town’s 250-plus societies, clubs and groups and help coordinate activities and funding applications.

The town team, an association broadly tasked with looking after Wisbech’s interests, hopes the summit will provide an informal platform for groups to ensure there is no duplication of effort and crossover of interests in their aims.

A spokesman for the team said: “In some cases, a combined effort between groups could even make for stronger funding applications and the summit would allow examinations of such potential synergies.

“The town team has a number of very experienced subject matter experts within its ranks and is keen to ensure that this expertise is available to all the town’s groups. On the other hand, the town team members are very aware that as a group they are new to the area and largely unaware of the activities of other groups – they are keen to learn as much as they can from the experiences of others around town.”

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If any organisations have not been contacted and would like to know more about the event, they are invited to contact Jaqui Fairfax on

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