Supermarkets are successful because they provide everything under one roof - but March bucks the trend

AS long as the high street doesn’t provide adequate easily accessible free parking, a bench to rest one’s sore feet, a place to get a cup of coffee and maybe a reasonably priced snack, and most importantly a toilet, it will continue to fail.

The supermarkets are successful because they provide these things. This is why people are willing to stay there and carry on shopping, not give up and go home tired and thirsty needing the loo and fed up with poor availability and advice.

It would also help local shops if their staff knew what they were selling and knew what their stock position was. I have been told many times “we haven’t got any” but when I looked on the shelves or asked someone else, there they were - plenty of them.

March is a good example of how to do it right. Plenty of parking, a decent toilet, coffee shops, outdoor seating and DIY shops that have a good idea of what they’re talking about. West End DIY is good in my experience.

Entering March from Whittlesey by car prior to parking can be a bit grim which is the only fly in the ointment. There are good roads which skirt the town centre, I just wish they were a little better signposted for infrequent visitors... like me.

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