Support available for young carers in Fenland to have fun and time away from their caring role

WHAT is the Impact of being a young carer?

Think back to when you were a young child or a teenager. Life was about being with your friends and going to school.

Now imagine if you had to get up early to get the washing and ironing done, wake up your young brother and get him fed and ready for school and then help your mum out of bed, onto the toilet, wash, dress and feed her and make sure that she had taken her medication before you have any time to get yourself ready for school.

Inevitably at times you are late for school. Your teacher is angry that you are late and you haven’t done your homework. She makes you stay in at lunchtime to get your homework done. At the end of your school day you go home anxious to find out how your mum us.

You make her a cup of tea, help her to the toilet and make sure she’s comfortable while you prepare the evening meal for the family.

Your little brother has homework that he wants help with, so you have to spend some time with him. You help mum to eat her meal and then finally sit down to eat your own.

When the washing up is done you nag your little brother to get ready for bed and once he’s tucked up, you help mum undress and get ready for bed.

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It is now late in the evening and although you have homework to do, you are simply too tired to concentrate, so you either rush something off or leave it to pile up with the other undone homework.

You flop into bed, knowing that the cycle will start all over again tomorrow.

It’s estimated from the 2001 figures not all young carers have to undergo such high levels of care, but even smaller amounts of caring can have an impact on their ability to just be a young person.

Crossroads Fenland Young Carers project support young carers to have fun and some time away from their caring role.

We offer groups for young carers aged eight to 19 in both March and Wisbech and we have a wide group for young carers aged 18-24.

Specialist staff are able to offer individual support to young people; a listening ear at difficult times or someone to have a laugh with and get involved in some fun activities. Chance to put in more help into the whole family.

If you are a young carer or know someone that you think may be, please call Pauline Mason on 07432 128629 – we’d love to welcome you to our group.

We are based at 25 Queen Street, March, but please call if you want to come and visit us as we are not always in the office.

We would love to be able to offer fun activities during the school holidays and take young carers away for weekend residentials for a real break. But due to the universal funding cuts, Cambridgeshire County Council can only afford to fund a small amount of our work with young carers.

If you would like to offer us a donation or get involved in fundraising for crucial young carers work, we would be extremely grateful and would ensure that you know how your money is put to good use.


Head of Support Information Services

Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire

Via e-mail

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