Support for bell ringers

SURELY these people that have complained about the St Wendreda’s church bells ringing on a Monday evening must have known that living so close to an ancient church there is a good posibility that bells would ring out at some point, and would have made enquiries into it before buying their homes.

After all the church has been there for a lot longer than the houses in the area so why buy a house so close to a church if you don’t like the noise of the bells ringing. I agree that small children do go to bed early but they like adults get used to regular and familiar noise so it normally does not affect them too much but look at it another way all of the folks that ring the bells work all day so earlier times are not really an open option and they don’t go on past an unreasonable time of 9pm. Another way of looking at it would you buy a house near a piggery if you didn’t like the smell no you wouldn’t but people do and they then complain to the said farmer. Well those bells have rang out on a Monday for as many years as I can remember and personally I enjoy them and class it as part of what happens within the town and long may they continue to ring out on a Monday night for all time and for all to hear and not be silenced by a small minority.


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