Support for bellringers

I WAS dismayed to read the letter by Michael Goakes in the current edition of the Cambs Times.

As a ‘Townender’ who has lived in the shadow of St Wendreda’s Church for nearly 60 years, I moved to Town End when it was barely more than a few homes and fields. However, moving near to a church, I did expect to hear the bells ringing. On Saturday, the bells sounded wonderful ringing for the afternoon and it was a treat to hear them.

My dismay is not that someone has complained to Fenland District Council about 90 minutes of bell ringing practise every Monday evening. I am more dismayed that someone has been dim enough to move into an area close to a church and expect the bells to be silent. I do hope that the Council have advised this person that if they really don’t like the bells when plenty of us do, that they are always at liberty to up sticks to elsewhere.


Job’s Lane


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