Support for church bells from Australia

WHAT a sad old day for not so Merrie England in the town of March where there is complain of the sounds of bells from the Old Church.

The spire that welcomes home the weary traveller and can be seen for miles and miles before. The bells that have warned of war. The bells that have rung in elation of peace. The bells that celebrate marriage, that ring of sadness in death. The bells that remind and welcome the faithful.

Just a few short weeks ago I walked out into a crisp sunny January Sunday morning in the town of March to be welcomed by the joyful sounds of the bells ringing from the Old Church. The bells that cheer wherever you may hear them both long and far.

What sad people there are in the town of March in not so Merrie England who perhaps would be better living in a clime or country where there is no Freedoms of the sounds of the bells from the Old Church.


McLaren Vale

South Australia

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