Support for Labour branch secretary after attack about his involvement in We Are Wisbech group

I must defend Dean Reeves against the attack by Victoria Gillick over his involvement in We Are Wisbech.

Dean is Secretary of Wisbech Branch Labour Party and as such supports the policies put forward by Ed Miliband.

Mr Miliband has promised to get tough with the energy companies by proposing a 20-month freeze on energy prices. He has also promised to double the number of houses built to 200,000 a year.

A Labour government will strengthen the minimum wage and give small businesses tax breaks so that they can afford to pay their workers a living wage of £7.45 an hour.

Dean supports these policies. Yet all Mrs Gillick, a UKIP member, can do is criticise Dean’s involvement in We Are Wisbech which works for increased social cohesion.

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Mrs Gillick seems to have a bee in her bonnet about leaving the EU. However, 60 percent of UK exports go to the EU. To leave the EU would put millions of UK jobs at risk.

Instead, Mrs Gillick would be better off helping all workers, whether they are born in Wisbech or Warsaw, to join a trade union so that low pay and exploitation in the workplace can be ended.

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In contrast to Mrs Gillick, this is something Dean fully supports.



Via e-mail

It seems to me that Mrs Gillick could find an argument in a telephone box.

It is several months since the anti-immigration demo and since that time “We are Wisbech” has made no public statements on the matter.

We made our point, we continue to promote our principles, but have certainly not pursued any political agenda.

It was criticism from Mrs Gillick which elicited the response from Paul Eden, which I fully endorsed.

She has not explained why after several months it was felt necessary to criticise an organisation which hitherto has had nothing to say about whatever she is currently doing. Presumably also something positive for the community.

We are certainly not smug, but working very hard for the benefit of the community as many other groups are too.

Our Facebook Page publicises the events we promote but mostly our space is given to celebrate achievements of others in our town.

I don’t know where Mrs Gillick is obtaining her information about We are Wisbech from but our published objective is: “A community campaign to promote the town’s heritage and culture, to encourage and support independent traders and celebrate our diversity.”

I will not reply here to her personal comments on myself because they are nothing to do with the group, but certainly happy to respond appropriately elsewhere.

My final comment would be to highlight to your readers the energies employed dealing with this when we are just seeking to “do good”.


Victoria Road


Via e-mail

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