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I AM most perturbed with the article ‘Worse than prison’. Who do these children think that they are!

I AM most perturbed with the article ‘Worse than prison’.

Who do these children think that they are!

They are at school to learn, and not have ‘fun’ as stated by Mrs Coombs.

School uniforms are in place for a reason, to show unity and pride and

most of all respect.

What gives the right for these children to state what they are going to wear for school.

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I am behind Principle Hitch and all other principles who are now finally enforcing the uniform, and to respect ‘school laws.’

What are children to do when they leave school to enter the work place. Are they going to challenge the ‘office dress code’ or refuse to wear the Tesco uniform, for example.

I am sure that Tesco will willing accept that their paid employee will wear what they want and not what is provided... I think not.

Why is this issue to be brought up anyway? Children and their parents should readily accept the schools policy’s and understand them, they are not to be challenged.

I think that Mrs Coombs should be more concerned with her daughters grades, and attitude towards authoritative figures than what she wears in her face or clothes to school.

Parents should back the school and their rules. They are in place for a reason.

If a child comes home saying ‘mummy school wont let me do this or that’ then who is really in charge of the family household?

I do not use the term ‘child’ loosely, because that is what these children are.....children, they are to be taught what to do, how to do it, and to respect others.

It is a clear indication of the next generation to come.


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