Suppressor at Creek Fen is much needed, but it does not solve another part of the problem

While the fitting of a suppressor at the Creek Fen waste treatment plant is no doubt much needed, it does not solve another part of the problem.

Last summer we endured several days unable to work or relax in our garden. The stench from the passing lorries carrying the solid waste past our house was very obnoxious.

The indications are that this is going to be repeated this year.

With the proposed development of Estover playing field, and other activity in Estover Road, this surely should be discouraged.

As was stated in your article of March 20: “One of the conditions Anglian Water has on the permit to carry out the activities is not to cause a nuisance.”

You may also want to watch:

The pollution of the atmosphere must be regarded as a nuisance.


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