Suspected assault in Ely and a wanted burglar in Peterborough all part of The Specials Cambridgeshire beat

Special Constable James Chatfield, at his office in Ramsey, being filmed for a BBC documentary

Special Constable James Chatfield, at his office in Ramsey, being filmed for a BBC documentary - Credit: Archant

A SUSPECTED assault in Ely and trailing a wanted burglar in Peterborough featured in a BBC documentary today.

Cameras followed Special Constables as they dealt with suspects in connection with an assault in Ely town centre last November. A 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of assault but was later released with no further action due to insufficient evidence.

The BBC One documentary showed the volunteer officers arresting and taking the boy into custody.

The programme also included Special Chief Inspector Gary Cowling and the Peterborough Impact Team on an arrest warrant for a suspected burglar in Peterborough. He was later jailed.

It was the 11th episode and was the last week of the 15-part series focusing on Special Constables in Cambridgeshire. The series has provided an insight into the work of a Special Constable, their role and how they contribute to the police service.

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Along with the usual drunk and disorderly problems on a Friday and Saturday night, The Specials also took a look at the less visible side of policing from their personal and work lives, showing how they work alongside regular officers, volunteering their time for free.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hopkins said: “People often don’t know about the work of a Special Constable. They wear the same uniform, carry the same equipment and have the same powers as regular police officers, but are volunteers.”

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Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright said: “I hope that this series shines a light on the work they do and encourages other people to volunteer their time.”

For more information about the role of a Special and how to become one please visit the recruitment section of our website -

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