Taking a sound ethos and instilling it helps to lead to excellent results

IT is not only very important that every child reaches their maximum academic potential, but that they have the opportunity to take part in a broad range of subjects and extra-curricular activities to enable them to develop other skills and interests

Children should look forward to their time at school and enter into all activities with enthusiasm.

This year’s school leavers from Downham Preparatory School and Montesorri Nursery are an example of how this ethos leads to excellent results. They have passed entrance exams to a variety of prestigious senior schools, and many have been awarded scholarships, not just for academic excellence but for their achievements in art, music and sport.

Children flourish in an environment that nurtures every child, giving praise and encouragement and additional help to those who need it. Lessons must be stimulating to engage the children’s interest and develop enquiring minds. Many of our lessons are practical where children learn through first-hand experience. Each subject is taught by a specialist teacher to ensure that curriculum knowledge and understanding is high. Science experiments take place in the classroom and on our own nature reserve and pond.

In history lessons, children examine artefacts, go on archaeological digs, visit castles, museums and take part in historical re-enactments at a variety of venues.

Our art department is very strong and offers the opportunity to learn how to work with many different mediums, mosaics, printing, sketching, design, model building and construction and painting using different techniques in many styles.

Sports is also a great strength and our teams regularly take part in matches against other schools. Sports taught are Football, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Rounders, Hockey, Cross-country, Athletics, Swimming and Gymnastics.

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Every child is monitored closely and screened to identify any problems at an early age. Individual programmes of work are written and any pupils with special needs, receives additional support.

It is our aim that when our pupils leave us to attend Senior schools they are confident, well mannered and polite. They are independent, motivated learners who are very well prepared to ensure an easy transition and continued success at their new school.

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