Taylor Wimpey’s plan proves there are far more suitable sites in Whittlesey for housing

To combat flooding, the Environment Agency suggests raising the floor height of the proposed 220 houses in squelchy Showfields, Whittlesey.

The Planning Inspector advises against building on this land because it floods (with water from above and below).

Fenland District Council has rejected similar planning applications in 2002 and 2013. Nearly 200 Whittlesey residents have formally objected.

Next Wednesday, the elected planning councillors will make the final decision.

Fortunately other sites exist in Whittlesey, which are far more suitable.

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Just last month Taylor Wimpey announced plans to build 169 houses in Whittlesey. It has followed the planning rules and has chosen a site earmarked in the Fenland Local Plan (2015) for building because it has no flooding or access problems.


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