Tesco’s abandoned store at Chatteris a ‘disgrace’ says resident who claims weeds are out of control and now posing a danger to driver visibility

Tesco site, Chatteris. Picture: Steve Williams.

Tesco site, Chatteris. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Stick to your promise to keep it tidy- that was the warning tonight to Tesco by Fenland Council as an MP complained that the supermarket’s abandoned store at Chatteris was an eyesore.

Steve Barclay revealed he had written to Tesco following a resident’s complaint that the empty store had become a disgrace with weeds growing on the banks and the underpass left unattended.

A council spokesman said: “In February, when we secured an agreement from Tesco to set up a community fund for Chatteris and Whittlesey, they promised that their contractors would ensure that residents could access the play area easily.

“Tesco also said they were setting up ‘a regular and comprehensive maintenance regime’ for the summer, to include both collecting litter and cutting back any overgrown vegetation and plant life.

“We will be contacting Tesco to remind them of their responsibilities and stress the need for them to stick to the promises they made just a few months ago.”

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Mr Barclay said a resident had warned that weeds were posing a danger to motorists.

She also claims weeds are out of control on the roundabout at the junction with the Tesco store.

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“Verges on the approach are so badly overgrown that they are proving a hazard for motorists by blocking their view of oncoming traffic,” she says.

Mr Barclay, the MP for NE Cambs, has fired off letters to both Fenland District Council and to Tesco asking for action to be taken.

The woman told the MP: “This really is a disgrace. Not only have we had to put up with over 12 months of disruption, and an underpass that was not wanted, we have no supermarket and now an overgrown mess that nobody is taking responsibility for.

“The park has been left dug up and now has weeds growing on it, these have been cut during the council’s gardening of the park, but the children have not only lost part of their play area, but the remaining area cannot be played on.”

She also said out that lights in the underpass are not working and one installed at the park entrance is also out.

In his letter to Fenland’s environmental services department, Mr Barclay asks the council to act to improve the situation for the nearby residents and also wants to know what powers of enforcement are available to ensure the contractors complete the park area.

He has also written to Tesco asking what they plan to do to deal with the situation and has also asked for an update on what is happening with regards to the unoccupied building, which Tesco will have to start paying business rates for from October.

Both Fenland Council and Tesco have been approached for a response.

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