Tesco say improvements to existing store in no way affect commitment to new store

ALTERATIONS to Tesco’s store in Wisbech – which attracted criticism from the town council for being carried out before permission was given- will not affect their commitment to a new superstore.

“This is part of our normal refurbishment programme,” said a company spokesman. “Even if we were to start building tomorrow, the new store probably wouldn’t be open for over a year.

“We do not want our customers to wait this long to have an improved shopping environment, which is why the scheduled upgrade works are going ahead as planned.”

Earlier this year the town council recommended the refurbishment be refused permission “as the works detailed on the application have already been carried out. “We recommend the application is resubmitted as a retrospective application.”

Fenland Council did, however, approve the works which included parking amendments, creation of 15 new bays, replacement of trolley bays, an addition external slatted timber fa�ade and a larch screen wall structure.

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Tesco is proposing to create a new store and restaurants complex on the site of the former stadium in Cromwell Road and creating a retail park at Sandown Road for new stores to move into.

The Tesco spokesman said they were “in the process of completing the land transaction.

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“Once that has been done and the required number of operators has been signed up for the business park, we can then start work”.

Quizzed on past statements that they needed 40 per cent of the new units to be taken before work could start the spokesman added “we are close to the target”.

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