Thank you residents of Wisbech street for swift action after fire

I KNOW that the fire services and all the emergency services deserve all the credit that they can get, but there has to be something said about community spirit.

I’ve read various articles about the Southwell Road fire, as it’s a family member’s home, but nowhere in those articles does it say anything about the fast acting and concerned family and neighbours that were forced to step in first, thus saving the home from a total disaster.

One fire after another in this fair town has to be quite alarming, as it’s hit home for me in quite a few instances, first off and maybe even secondly, too, the fires on the Brink.

That fire could have left me jobless, thankfully that wasn’t the case, so for that I would like the thank the emergency services of the Fens, it’s not only those people that I want to thank, it’s the people that make the first move in helping out people in need.

Arson in Wisbech is really becoming a concern for everybody, so vigilance is needed, as well as smoke alarms/detectors.

Let’s just hope that the Southwell Road fire is the last time that the emergency services and community alike, have to act against fire.

Thank you to the citizens of Southwell Road, and thank you to the emergency services of the Fens.

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