Thank you to emergency personnel who came to our son’s aid after crash

THROUGH your paper I would like to thank all emergency personnel who attended the accident involving Chris French on the A141 in Westry.

Until you are actually involved you are not aware what a fantastic job they do.

Chris is recovering well. It will be a long haul for his recovery due the pelvis fractures but we are hoping for full recovery. He will be in hospital about six weeks.

I would also like to thank all your readers and freinds that have sent letters, cards and e-mails to him wishing him well.

If anyone wants to sent any more cards they can send them direct WARD 8C at Addenbrookes Hospital. If you put your e-mail address he will respond direct to you, as boredom has set in already and he would welcome something to do and keep his mind active.

You may also want to watch:

Kim, his sister, has already starting making arrangements for fund raising for Magpas. The first event will be a car meet, which will be in October.

Thank you for your kind thought and prayers.

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