Thank you to the street scene officer and police officer who helped when our first day on market turned into a disaster

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, we were travelling to Wisbech with our catering trailer full of food to the Saturday Wisbech Market for our first day of trading as a newly opened business.

But just 100 yards before the market square our car broke down next to the traffic lights on the bridge. We were blocking the road for all traffic around us and started panicking.

Luckily, Wisbech street officer Mr South came to our rescue and called the local recovery service.

Next moment a police officer stopped and offered us his support and understanding that was invaluable in that situation as we were looking to start trading at Wisbech market for whole year and were working very hard to build our business for that day.

Naturally, we were very emotional when things went wrong for us that morning.

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When the recovery service took our car and trailer, the police officer offered us a lift to the recovery centre as we did not know where it was.

It was very unlucky for our family business to start our first day like that but with help and support of local authorities, we did not feel alone in strange town and without the involvement of the street officer and the police officer.

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Therefore, we would like to express our huge thanks and offer them free pasties, soups, quiches and cakes every Saturday we are at Wisbech market.



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