Thanks Cllr Bucknor for indicating that our park home sites are a burglar and vagrants’ paradise

I WOULD like to thank Councillor Virginia Bucknor for her comments published in last week’s edition, in which she indicates that our park home sites are a burglar and vagrants’ paradise.

Firstly, in more than nine years, the majority of these thefts were garden ornaments from properties adjacent to Osborne Road with the added light from said road’s street lighting.

Secondly, the last three thefts were targeted:

• A model Gypsy caravan

• A garden ornament cemented into the ground with what the owner thought would be added protection of a heavy metal bar, all of which was lifted out

• Some time later, from the same premises, some large Koi carp.

Issues two and three had the added protection of additional lighting from an Osborne Road street lamp.

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The so-called rough sleepers was one vagrant who took refuge in a greenhouse for one night while the owners were on holiday.

It also appears to me that Cllr Bucknor should take advantage of the forthcoming maths lessons at the Oasis Centre.

Although I left school more than 60 years ago I can still work out that 41 out of 111 homes is a minority, not a majority as she claims.

I wonder if, now Cllr Bucknor has downgraded our twin parks, she will reimburse those residents who are trying to sell their properties?


Fenland Village


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