Thanks March Operatic Society for another great show. If you missed it, well tough - your loss

I WAS extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend March Operatic Society’s Easter production which for this year was Footloose, made famous at the cinema with an earlier version starring Lori Singer and the latest in 2011 with Julie Ann Hough.

Having seen those excellent films I did not know how the live local production would pan out.

No fears, it was fabulous. The opening scene displayed and disposed with initial nerves and it was all go from then on. Didn’t check the time once.

There were so many performers giving great performances in singing, dancing and acting. It would therefore be unkind to name any particular performer.

Thank you MADAOS for an excellent evening of entertainment. Whilst the perfomers came from numerous places in the region, I was proud to see such a quality production in our town of March.

For those of you who missed it, well tough, your loss. I look forward to the announcement of the next year’s production and hope I am again able to attend.

I discovered a visit every 10 years or so is not sufficient especially as I started attending productions of Gilbert & Sullivan at the Hippodrome in the 50s when I had to go every year. Part of the school syllabus I think. Or Mr Durkin.

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Again members of MADAOS, many thanks.


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