Thanks to everyone who has donated to March Foodbank in the past 12 months

On behalf of the clients who attend, and volunteers who run, March Foodbank I would like to say a big thank you to all readers who have donated food over the last year.

In November 2013 we opened our doors to people in food crisis. Sadly, the number of people needing help has been steady throughout our first year.

Ten tonnes of food has been distributed, helping dozens of families and single people.

We are dependent on our voucher holders, who identify the client’s need of food, as well as the generosity of local businesses, churches and schools.

Individuals, who we shall probably never meet, donate food at Tesco (Hostmoor), Sainsbur’sy and Iceland in March. Our sincere thanks for all your support over the past year.

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We would love to be able to report that March no longer needs a Foodbank, but the evidence shows that, for the foreseeable future, we need to continue.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can contact me by email

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