Thanks to Wisbech vet practice for helping me with two stray dogs

I live on the outskirts of Gorefield and found two dogs running along a dyke off High Side.

A lady at Wisbech police station advised me to ring Fenland District Council, which then puts them in Tejaycey kennels in Cox’s Lane.

However, when I took the dogs to the kennels the gate was closed and padlocked. It was about 3pm.

I decided to go to my vet, Paddons (in Wisbech), to ask for help/advice. Having explained what had happened, I was told that a man standing next to me was the owner of Tejaycey.

He insisted the council employs a dog warden and I should ring the council. He refused to take the dogs from me, saying they were my responsibility as they were in my car.

I then asked the nurse if Paddons could help. She got some leads and took the dogs - and that was the last I saw of them.

The following day I called the council and was informed there is no dog warden - even though the person who owns Tejaycey and is contracted to take in stray dogs for the council told me there is one.

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I understand that the dogs have been reunited with their owners.

I would hate for another well-intentioned person to have such an experience and not know what to do.


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