The Bells are our Heritage

I HAVE not responded to issue raised about the complaints made about the bell ringing before now as I was confident that March residents were open minded and non judgemental, however given your recent letters I really feel that I need to respond.

It is important to note that the request to the vicar was for the bell practice to either be on another day or earlier on a Monday not 7-9pm.

The reasons for this are very simple; some people go to bed early, or have children that need to be in bed early etc. The ringing of the bells are not a problem, it is the timing and the day of the week. A simple consideration of how best this resident views could be taken into consideration with some compromise has been greeted with negative mis-informed feedback.

The complainant for your information is an active Christian who’s family and extended family live in March and Doddington, and are very much part of the community and have every right to express his views, which was done by simply talking to the vicar and explaining the issue. It is such a shame that this has been taken in such a negative light from mis-informed residents of March.

It appears that the bell ringers like to practice on a Monday for their own personal reasons and circumstances, maybe they could practice a little earlier?

Unfortunately some residents do not have the option of choosing where to live as one of your readers commented, but I am sure if they had, Living near such a lovely church may still have been the option.

We will continue to have visitors on a Monday night with baby in tow as the bell ringing drowns out the TV and sets the dog howling. And hope that consideration by the bell ringers may their wisdom consider starting earlier and finishing earlier.

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Please note that no one asked for the bells to stop ringing.


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