The Bramley Line

Bramley Line between March and Coldham.

Bramley Line between March and Coldham. - Credit: Archant

What many of us are witness to in Wisbech is democracy in operation. A large number of people both here and surround villages want the railway from Wisbech reconnected.

This was brought to attention with the help of Railfuture via their 10,000 leaflet drop whom, in turn assisted the help of our North Cambs MP Steve Barclay, who is doing one hell of a job negotiating for this reopening.

I am not against Heritage Railways, in fact I have supported many over the years. I feel there is room for everyone as long as it doesn’t interfere with getting a rail link open for commuters.

I would stress in this instance that only car owners would appreciate a Railway Heritage Centre in this area.

As an original member and officer of the Bramley Line, certain events led my wife and I and two others to resigning under a cloud of Chinese whispers that I hope I have eventually put right with your current chair person Simon King who, to his credit, is an honourable man.

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It is wrong to assume the original object of opening up the railway was not into March as Network Rail informed us then that it would interfere with the operations out of Whitemoor Yard.

Peter Wakefield on the other hand via Railfuture’s website has kept computer views fully up to date with current reports from our North Cambs MP.

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But there are a great many who don’t own computers who are confused by all this negative ranting about a matter that will happen sooner than you expect?

I’ve been going through three volumes of cuttings on this subject that make interesting and sometimes amusing reading on statements made since 2003 and it’s surprising how diverse many of them are.

Even down to local press headings over the past 13 years that sometimes gave hope and sometimes depressed those who continued to hope.

I’m not forecasting the end of the World, but the opening of the rail line from Wisbech to Cambridge and beyond will happen first?


Member of Railfuture

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