The EU can only work when there is free movement of people, goods and services

In reply to Trevor Bevis’ comments regarding UKIP.

Mr Bevis you may want to return this country to the dark ages, when Great Britain ruled a third of the planet or when Mosley’s black shirts had the solution.

The EU has done many good things to this country and especially this region.

You only have to look at the huge expansion planned for Metalcraft that was in the paper last week. Had we been outside the EU. almost certainly EU. mainland customers to Metalcraft, would have looked to companies within the EU first.

Why? Because as a businessman you want stability. You want to know when you sign a contract that things don’t change. If you are a business within the EU. you have stability.

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So Mr Bevis, what do you want us to do? Go back to the good old days before the EU? Like 1939?

UKIP has one solution to cure all our woe’s, from soaring of milk to pot holes. Immigration.

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UKIP want to limit immigration to 50,000. This is absolute fantasy. Who are we going to restrict. Nurses? Doctors? How about bricklayers? That would be popular, but then have you tried recently hiring a bricky?

It is easier to find some hens teeth. Are you Mr Bevis willing to tend to our crops and peel the onions in the hot mid day sun?

What about the two million expats living in Spain, would you have all them sent home? And then there are the wars.

Prior to the EU there were countless localised wars going on in Europe. In 1919 alone, there were seven regional conflicts from Czechoslovakia-Hungary War to Hungarian–Romanian War.

The more wars there are, the probability of one going vile. Who would have thought, one guy being shot in Sarajevo would lead to death of millions of us?

With us all being in one club, instead of regional clubs there is less chance for conflict, as the rules of the club restrict the chances of one doing too well, or one becoming too poor.

Then of course there are the five millions more of us (excluding immigration) in the last few years being born? All these children will grow up, wanting cars, houses, Ipads.

The Government’s solution is to build new homes, but then we don’t want new homes spoiling our views. In a lifetime, the worlds population has nearly quadrupled. Is shutting the gate going to stop this?

UKIP dreams of the good old days, when we had cottages with roses outside the front door, Dreadnoughts roaming foreign seas and you could play football on the A47. It uses the argument that 500 million could move here from the EU. This is no different than going to Romania and spreading scare stories that 65 million from the UK is moving there.

Of course change is painful, as human beings we don’t like it, this is naturally worse the older we get. Whether its a housing estate being proposed near to your home, a wind turbine 3 miles away, or Romanians moving in next door.

The EU can only work, when there is free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. As soon as one is removed it weakens the fundamentals.

Of course amending or improving the EU is vital, but one state cannot have it their way. Only all 28 states agreeing will enable change, so don’t expect miracles next year. Certainly do not expect draconian immigration controls.


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