The opposition are all good guys, but I hope we get chance to prove we will work harder for you

IT’S all the rage right now for council candidates to run the opposition down and say how dreadful they must be. I’m not going to do that.

As one of the two Conservative candidates for Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary Ward I have found the Liberal Democrat opposition to be pleasant, decent and likeable.

I have not met the Labour candidate but by all accounts he is also one of the good guys.

Instead of trying to encourage people to vote for my co-candidate Robert Scrimshaw and myself on May 5 with negative campaigning, I’d prefer to just stand on a positive platform.

Those who live in any of the villages within the Parson Drove & Wisbech St Mary ward should vote for Robert and I because a vote for the two Conservatives is a vote for a hard-working, dedicated and passionate team.

If you choose us we will work diligently on your behalf at the district council. We will never forget who has put us there or who it is we represent.

Do I think we will be better representatives than the others? Of course, yes. Or why would we stand for election at all?

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But it is not because the other candidates are terrible, evil people, only that we believe we have more experience and will work harder.

I very much hope we will get a chance to prove this to the good people of the villages herein.


Conservative candidate, Parson Drove & Wisbech St Mary

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