The plane truth is we’d like to reunite Alexander with model he took a shine to

VOLUNTEERS at a Fenland museum are hoping to reunite a boy with a model plane - SIX years after they put it to one side for him to collect.

Scott Carmichael, a helper at the Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum, was amazed to find the plane inside a dusty box.

A handwritten note attached to it suggests that the suggests that the plane was saved for nine-year-old Alexander Tucker in July 2005 and he never returned to pay the �2.50 to make the model plane his own.

Staff are curious to know why the boy - who would now be around 15 years old - didn’t collect the British Midland Airways Airbus model.

Mr Carmichael: “I was searching for some application forms when I came across a dusty old box - the plane must have been saved for the boy who then as far as I’m aware never came back to get it.

“It’s intriguing to think what could have happened during those six years. Did his parents forget to take him back? Did they come back but someone couldn’t find it?

“Is he still a fan of model planes? Maybe he’s an air cadet? Does he even live around here anymore? There’s so many unanswered questions.

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“It really would be brilliant to reunite him with his aeroplane - even if he’s waited six years to get hold of it.”

• DO you know Alexander? Can you help us reunite him with his model plane? Contact our newsdesk on 01354 652621

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