The RSPCA is not looking at the bigger picture and is losing public support

I have huge admiration for any organisation, charity or individual that takes animal welfare seriously and in this day and age we need every single one of them and more.

I don’t know Rob Phipps personally but my reason for supporting JJ Rescue is simple.

My husband owns a business in the same road, only a stone’s throw away from where these beautiful dogs are kept.

My husband, myself and about 20 employees are regularly around at all hours of the day and night and always comment on how often we see the dogs out walking with the kind and caring volunteers that Rob has supporting him.

We have also commented on why we hardly ever hear them barking and NEVER hear them whining, whimpering or distressed.

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Why? Because they are happy and contented dogs that have been given a second chance when no-one else could.

So why is the RSPCA making this situation more difficult than need be? Why is it not using the power it has sensibly?

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It is not looking at the bigger picture here and is rapidly losing valuable support from the public - it too is a charity after all!


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